The Reasons Why We Love These 6 Legitimate Cryptocurrency wallet

The Reasons Why We Love These 6 Legitimate Cryptocurrency wallet


A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that stores and interacts with public and private keys so that users are able to obtain, send and track digital currencies. Therefore, you will need to have a digital wallet if you want to use Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency.



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Coinbase is the world's largest online wallet.
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum, BAT, ZRX, USDC, ZEC, DAI, XRP, REP, XLM, EOS currencies can be bought, sold and stored safely.
You may connect the wallet to the SCT to purchase or convert currencies into dollars or euros.
Automatically create the Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum addresses to allocate each of the label: and you will be able to easily recognize the source of the bitcoins payment when paying. The payment charge is completely free if you pay by e-mail.

A mobile (Android or iOS) application is available to allow bitcoins for buying and selling (QRCode scan).
The merchants have preconfigured and easy-to-implement buttons or payment solutions.

A referral program is now in operation. You can both get $10 for bitcoins free of charge when you buy or sell 100$ of digital currencies.
Free transaction fee during payment by coinbase e-mail Quick transfer bonus of $10

The only problem is that they go offline when there is a pump on price and they also have your wallet keys. But there is nothing to worry about since it has been operating since 2012 and is still the best legitimacy Cryptocurrency wallet that people love.


2. ParaEtherWallet

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ParaEtherWallet the first Etherum wallet that features a special paramining technology, it is easily managed and serves great needs. It provides a great service to consumers, and works with you to make your experience as good as possible, even though other companies don't do so. It is very recommendable for young entrepreneurs who has little knowledge yet, have an interest in investing. It accepts all country world wide. 

There is no other reasons not to use this one because it is Honest: Kyc Rules Ensure Additional Monitoring of Possible Violations of the Use of PMINE Coins, Reliable: Since the Company Performs Regular Data Collection Operations, There is a Low Risk of Losing Coins Due, For Example, Malfunction of User Equipment or Theft of Coins, Has originality: PMINE Cryptocurrency is Not Exposed To Effect of Inflation, and it operates worldwide: PMINE Coins Are Suitable For Mass Use All Over The World. Users Can Make Instant Payments And Transfers Across The Border..


3. Faucetpay

Faucetpay is a Micropayment Wallet and Earnings Platform and get instant payments from thousands of websites, and withdraw them for a very small price in your personal wallet.

There are 5 methods you earn cryptocurrency: Rock Paper Scissors, Offerwall, Paid to click (Satoshi), Multiply BTC andFaucet lists (6 types of cryptocurrency). You can also convert your cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency. You can also earn 2satoshi each time referral wins a game of Rock Paper Scissors, 0.50% each time your referral places a bet at Multiply BTC, 50% of the PTC reward each time your referral completes an advertisement at our PTC, and 25% of the offer reward each time your referral completes the offer at our OFFERWALL. It also allows users to place a Sponsored Listing or a Paid to Click advertisements and has a Reward system. It is available for all countries worldwide.


If you are interested please use my link. Thank you!♥:


4. Coins

( 3 sec ad redirected to website is a digital currency wallet for which Filipinos can make purchases, purchase, or use digital currency such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum -First virtual currency provider in the Philippines approved with a Virtual Currency Exchange license from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). Southeast Asian countries are servicing: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam. Members must be validated by presenting a selfie carrying any government identifying identification recognized in their country and validating their actual identity. You can also use this to pay bills, buy load, send or receive money, buy game credits and has multiple wallets.


5. Freewallet 

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With more than 20 crypto currencies, provides several wallets. The wallets are for smartphone applications: Android and Ios. There is also access to a wallet containing all such cryptocurrencies. With free wallet, your crypto currencies will in fact be safe, so you can't hack your crypto currencies offline.


6. Cryptochainsecure (Not available at the moment)

Single portfolio charges your first deposit. BITCOIN, LITECOIN, RIPPLE and ETHEREUM endorse this portfolio. Note: Do not build several accounts with the same IP address. Caution: Chance of losing your accounts. Single portfolio charges your first deposit.
Your bonus will range from 5 to 10% of BTC deposits and from 9% of RIPPLE, LITECOIN and ETHEREUM deposits. Overall it is a great website with a friendly interface. Simple wallet for beginners.


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