A Letter from a Stranger- Part 2

By kli4d | kli4d | 18 Aug 2020

You should read part 1 before proceeding :)

Life is not easy. You need to work hard and fight back to the hurdles of life. This world is not for the weak. You're weak? Toughen up. The world will not adjust to you.

That's my favorite line from a book. Every time I feel that everything seems unfair, I will just go back and remember that line. Kind of motivation for me.

I live alone. After several years of patiently staying on my abusive parents, I managed to get out of their custody. To sustain my self, I am working for almost 24 hours. I am a part-time employee in a fast-food chain. After work, I go babysitting. Sometimes when my salary is not enough, I do some extra work in my neighborhood. Grass and bush cutting, watering the plants, throwing garbages, name it and I can do it all. I have to work to pay house rent and bills. This life is kinda difficult but yeah this is far better than my previous life.

I just woke up today. The sunlight is hitting my face. Based on the angle of light passing through my window, it's already afternoon. I checked my phone and aha! I'm correct. I don't need to worry about waking up late today because it's my day off. Sometimes you need to rest.

I am on my way to the kitchen when I heard the doorbell rang. Hmmm, who is that? I am not expecting any visitors today. I just want to spend this day to myself.

I open the door and I didn't see anyone. Maybe someone is just making fun of me. I decided to close my door when suddenly I saw an envelope on the ground. What is this? A bill? It's not the end of the month yet. I tried inspecting the envelope but I can't see any information with it. Just a plain white envelope. Maybe the mailman just mistakenly put it to my address.

I tried to ask my other neighbors if they are expecting a letter from someone. I'm just looking stupid right now because who else will write a letter in this digital age. Unless you're an old-fashioned kind of person.

I decided to stop and go back to my house. Due to my curiosity, I open the envelope.

To anyone who can read this letter,

Hi. In the time you found my body, please don't feel sorry. I just want to rest. Everyone is exhausted from me and I feel the same way towards myself. I guess a very long nap can give me a sort of peace.

If you're reading this, remember to flourish your life. Nothing is permanent. Don't waste your existence for worthless things. Yeah, they can give the happiness you're missing but they're just temporary. Invest yourself into something good. Maybe, spend your time with your family, donate some extra cash to the foundation, and other good shits. Just don't be like me.

This is a pretty long letter. I think I gonna end this up. See you somewhere in this universe.

After reading the letter, I called 911. Someone's life is in danger. I don't know if this is just a prank or joke but it's a fucking suicide note. Someone will commit suicide.

Several minutes passed, police officers immediately knocked on my door. They ask for some details about how I received the letter. Base on my answers, they think that someone in this neighborhood is the owner of that suicide note. They said I must report to them if I notice any strange occurrence going on.

I was thinking about it the whole day. Why me? How can I help if I don't know him/her in the first place? This day is supposed to be my break from this stressful week.

After hours of being anxious, I come up with a nice idea. I find some clean paper and started to write on it. I hope it will work.

To the one who thinks suicide is the answer,

Hey. I don't know what you're going through. But I just want you to know that I am here. Taking your life away is not the answer to your problems. It's okay to rest sometimes because no one in this world can continuously fight in life. But resting doesn't mean you need to quit. Take that as a way to regain your energy, to have the power to face the hurdles of life.

Life is not easy. You need to work hard and fight back to the hurdles of life. This world is not for the weak. You're weak? I will help you to toughen up. If the world will not adjust, I will.


After putting it on an envelope, I immediately ran outside of my house. I left the letter in the mailbox. I know he's watching me.

"I don't know who you are but I have a letter for you!"

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