Polycat Finance, Last Fish Minted Alert!

By Kevy Mac | Kevy's Yield Farm Reviews | 29 Jul 2021

PolyCat Finance, The Last FISH Alert


If you've read any of my previous blog posts before you'll know I'm a fan of Polycat Finance, the value-oriented, economically sustainable hybrid yield aggregator on Polygon. Yesterday the last FISH token was minted and they have hit a max supply, meaning if you were farming yields on their pools/farms before you're not anymore. All APY's have dropped to zero but don't panic this isn't a rug pull. These are the most safe and transparent developers I've come across in the crypto yield farming sector to date and they've got you covered. Just go on the farm or pool you have crypto staked in and withdraw. The end of this titan is sad for me because now I won't get to brag to my friends on how I'm beating banks interest returns by farming and hyper-compounding FISH....or will I get to continue? 

  Check out beta.polycat.finance if you didn't catch the little message on the main page of the old Polycat website, that the new AMM will launch in the following days(at the time of publishing this 2 more days)! I can not wait for this launch because the website looks so clean compared to the old one and I'm intrigued on how farming is going to change with the new token. Will they increase the max supply due to high demand or will they keep the same formula? If it's not broke, don't fix it right?

   Well what do you do with all your Matic and FISH while you wait these couple days? If you follow Polycat Finance's twitter they actually give some pretty good resources to go park your money in some Dapps or you could've got in early to their new token, PAW! If you spent 1 FISH you received 20 PAW at their first and supposedly only in house IFO. It's sort of like how Robinhood is selling their own stock(funny how they rolled out their pre-IPO feature right before they go public huh?) but enough of stock talk. We're here for that crypto baby! With the new PAW and clean website by Polycat Finance, I expect this token to just take off during its first couple weeks before we see the inevitable down fall that all yield farms fates eventually meet. Of course this is a longer-term farm so we will see how everything plays out and if any new changes happen with the website I'll be covering it(so check back in on Kevy Mac and follow me!). Let me know in the comments what your plans are for the second half of this year for crypto because I can feel the storm a-brewing. Lastly have a great day and stay safe out there yield farming! 

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Kevy's Yield Farm Reviews
Kevy's Yield Farm Reviews

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