Introducing Your On-Line Gambling Casino to Quantum Mechanics

By kev_nag | kev_nag | 4 May 2022


Australian Researchers from the Australia National University have joined forces with AP13, a blockchain oracle provider, to offer the first Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG). This QRNG utilizes a fluctuating quantum structure so as to guarantee completely unpredictable randomness which will prove extremely useful in Web3 gaming and gambling protocols.

This venture will create access to a completely unpredictable randomness generator that is highly secure and free for all entities to use.

So What is this QRNG System Anyway?

Random number usage and generators of random numbers is nothing new, but this QRNG System is the first to use quantum mechanics to replace the potentially unreliable mathematical methods currently in use. Especially in such areas as gaming, gambling, sports, competitions, samplings, and statistics, as Web3 gains traction and becomes further entrenched system-wide, the need for a tamper-proof and third party non-reliant random number generator will become more prevalent.

"API3’s QRNG measures random quantum fluctuations in phase and amplitude of an electromagnetic field in a vacuum to guarantee unpredictable randomness and generate the numbers" [Young, M. Quantum-based random number generator for Web3 games and wallets launched. (Accessed May 4, 2022). Dr. Aaron Tranter from the ANU Research School of Physics explained the mechanism as follows:

Quantum mechanics predicts that a vacuum, generally regarded as the absence of ‘things’, actually contains particles popping in and out of existence. This is the origin of the term vacuum noise. This noise is fundamentally random and can actually be measured using a laser, optics, and some fast electronics. We measure these fluctuations and convert them into random numbers which are then served to the AWS cloud for distribution via an API gateway.

[Medium Publishers. Quantum-based random number generator for Web3 games and wallets launched. (Accessed May 4, 2022)].

"The system is presently accessible as an software programming interface (API) for 13 blockchains, together with Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, Polygon, Fantom, and Moonbeam. Users needn’t pay for the service, however there can be a minor community payment for calling the API" [Id].

What are the Benefits Derived from the QRNG System?

Web3 and/or Metaverse gaming will most likely benefit the most from QRNG Systems. Based on the continuous need of Web3 and Metaverse Gaming platforms to keep their players engaged, reliance on a high degree of randomness and unpredictability is necessary. Likewise, the various gambling applications will derive benefit from QRNG as the system is tamper-proof thereby creating greater trust in the gambling protocol. [See, e.g. Walker, E. Quantum-based random number generator for Web3 games and wallets launched. (Accessed May 4, 2022)].

However, QRNG Systems will not be limited to use in gaming or gambling applications. According to Dr. Tranter, anyone can use random numbers for whatever application they want, citing the examples of the generation of special works of art or NFTs to 'automated choice making'. In more detail, Tranter stated:

For example, if you wanted to draw randomly from a pool of clients for a task then you would want to ensure that you are truly sampling randomly. This could include distribution of resources, assigning of tasks and even decentralized quorums for voting.

[CryptoPress Administration. Quantum-based random number generator for Web3 games and wallets launched. (Accessed May 4, 2022)].

As the current pseudo-random number generators can give results that are repetitious or have exploitable complex patterns present, QRNG Systems will prove beneficial in cryptocurrency wallet generation. “A QRNG is guaranteed to be truly random by the laws of quantum mechanics, removing this loophole,” Tramper added [Young, supra].

Final Thoughts

When drawing winners, or engaging in random token distributions, Web3 applications will benefit from this tamper-proof system. Indeed, any Web3 application involving public participation will benefit.

Australia National University Quantum Optics Group presently hosts the AP13 QRNG on Amazon Web Services (AWS). "All data passed between servers is encrypted", and "the random numbers are destroyed after use, so the firm never has access to them" [CryptoPress Administrators, supra].

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This article was originally published on Leo Finance and simultaneously published on the front page of several other Hive blockchain tribes,

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