HARVEST FINANCE - Two New Vaults and an Experiment

By kev_nag | kev_nag | 26 Feb 2021

Approximately one day ago, Harvest Finance announced the addition of two new vaults to its menu of Farming investment vehicles. The two vaults involve Klondike Finance and are live at the time of this writing. The vaults are: WBTC-KBTC and WBTC-KLON and the yields are huge. At present, the yield on the WBTC-KBTC Pool is 1408.72% and the yield on the WBTC-KLON Pool is 1727.90%.

As for the experiment, Harvest Finance is not paying rewards for these two vaults in FARM tokens as is the norm. Rather, the vault returns from these two investments are to be distributed as staked iFARM tokens which are auto compounding in the same fashion as staked FARM tokens. It was also announced that additional iFARM reward sprays will commence soon.

Once again, Harvest Finance is advancing platforms to make the search for maximum yields easier for the investor. Truly, Harvest Finance lives up to its motto: "Your hard work is about to become easier with Harvest".

I am merely an ordinary small investor who likes to share what I've learned.  I am not in any way a financial advisor and as such, do your own research before investing. If you enjoyed this article please like it, comment and/or tip. Feedback is always welcome here.



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Just an ordinary casual crypto investor.


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