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By kennyroy | kennyroy | 28 May 2019

Now I'm starting my Vlog and I think it's fun to be a part of Vlog but in Tagalog language and have some English language. You can express whatever you want to say and edit the video when you see that there is a foul word or not an important scene.


My profile was not completely done but I did start one video about Huawei Phone and that was my observation and my opinion and I did attach the letter from telecommunication from the Philippines. Please Subscribe to my youtube channel!

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Trade War US vs China
A very interesting topic about the "Trade War" between the US and China! We must admit that China has an advanced technology 2nd from Japan. China has the first using of 5G technology in their country. If the President of the United States did not do something wrong and not alarmed on what China can do, they will release the first 5G mobile phone.

Positive and Negative Impact
The positive impact in the US, they did not allow China to lead them to the first release of 5G technology in different countries. And the US has informed China that they can not defeat the US when it comes to technology and the market, by means of making a problem starting from Huawei Phones and other Mobile Phones from China. Completely ban, even the Intel and Qualcomm microchips are not allowed to import to China.

The negative impact.Β What will happen to all people who work in Huawei Company and the users of Huawei Phones? People will lose their jobs and international traders are affected including the United States of America. What is the next step of the President now to help the people? Did he care or a selfish heart and mind?

For me, he can do something but not the offensive way that a lot of people is affected like he can increase the vat or tax on shipping or exporting or importing products!?

How about you, people? What is your opinion about this?

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