CANNACOR…Pioneer of Medical Cannabis Cultivation Through Aquaponic Technology

CANNACOR…Pioneer of Medical Cannabis Cultivation Through Aquaponic Technology

By kenadzen | kenadzen | 23 Nov 2019



Dear investors and my fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts, please take 2 minutes out of you time to read this article. I believe that after reading through you will make an informed decision to massively invest in this promising project because of the great benefit here in attached. It is all about a company that is poised to take the research, cultivation, processing and distribution of medical cannabis to a world class standard with global best practice. The name of the company is CannaCor


CannaCor is a company that is passionate to develop a fully functional blockchain-based platform for the optimization of the cultivation and commercialization process of medical cannabis. A company licensed as a prohibited drug operator. With over 50 000m2 of acquired land in Berea, Lesotho, the company will dedicate the land to the greenhouse or indoor cultivation of Cannabis. This company is working hard to become the front-runner and global leader in the industry. Currently licensed and compliant with regulations to provide services in Canada, Europe and other global markets from this facility. CannaCor is a trustworthy company, capable of providing real-time information in regards to the cultivation, processing, and shipping of their product with the help of blockchain technology.


One of the Cannacor’s objective is to develop its own aquaponic cultivation and production facility for medical cannabis on the company’s premises in Lesotho. This is done to maintain the standard and quality of the products as well as meeting a growing demand in a global market of scarce production capacity and become a recognized supplier to the global markets that have no or limited production capacity.

The intention is to establish a facility where standardized, uniform and consistent products can be cultivated, without the use of pesticides, so that the content of the active ingredients is the same for each harvesting and processing stage. The development of the cultivation premises into a complete facility for the cultivation and production of medical cannabis is expected to commence in the fourth quarter of 2019.


Blockchain technology is a list of records, named blocks, that are linked with each other using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data that cannot be altered. This open distributed ledger can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.

CannaCor team has partnered with Blockchain Corporation team in order to sanitize the industry. With the introduction of blockchain technology into this project, this will help reduce costs by digitalizing the supply chain process, offering real-time product trading information in a secure way. The process will also put an end to the issue of middlemen, therefore, reducing the risk of fraud and duplicity of products while also enhancing accurate record-keeping. Blockchain-based supply chain management provides tracking and record-keeping in real-time through embedded sensors and RFID tags. Parties interested will be able to easily retrieve the product history and trace it back from its origin to the present situation at any point in time. Furthermore, such accuracy in provenance tracking can be utilized to detect and prevent fraud even in complex supply chains.


78% Coin Sale

07% CannaCor Team

07% Blockchain Corp Team

05% Strategic Partnerships

03% Bounty & Airdrop


30% Cultivation

30% Technology & Core

08% Marketing & Business

05% Admin

12% Liquidity on Exchanges

05% Legal

05% Exchange Listing Fee

05% Commissions & Fees



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