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MoonShot has been listed on BitMart Exchange since 10:00am EDT on April 26, 2021.  Since the live listing, the price has shot up by 45%, marked at $0.0000000869 as of writing this article.  MoonShot also received the help of Soulja Boy during one of his livestreams.  A link to what I am talking about is found here.  

Moonshot states the following on their website:  Moonshot is a deflationary, self-regenerating automatic liquidity providing protocol that pays out static rewards to holders

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I've published another article here that goes more in depth about MoonShot!  Current trading statistics are listed down below:

  • Price:  $0.0000000869
  • Trading Volume:  $3,770,768.89
  • Market Cap:  $42,800,000
  • Market Rank (CoinMarketCap):  #2349


I'm excited to watch this coin perform on the BitMart Exchange.  The MoonShot developers appear to create a welcoming community backed by a strong foundation.  They have multiple future plans in the works too that can be found here.  Of course, only time will tell about how MoonShot will perform in the market.  It is still a fairly new project at 28 days old!  Watching the growth of this token will be a sight to see.


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