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Publish0x is my first ever experience with a writing my own blogs and reading other blogs in general.  I've written mainly poems and short stories in the past but never took the dive into the blog-type writing.  Intimidation was holding me back and general lack of confidence in whether or not my writing was "good enough" or  my topics would be "interesting to others".  

Then, I found Publish0x!  I have been in the crypto community for quite some time now and randomly stumbled upon this blogging platform.  I also noticed that you can tip out cryptocurrencies and get tipped yourself... whether it's from you tipping a blogger or you writing your posts!  I absolutely loved the idea as crypto has always peaked my curiosity, more so now than ever with the ever growing market and communities.  I spent a few weeks reading different articles and writing styles, earning small amounts of cryptos each day.  Of course, I would continue to read blogs even when the tip limit was reached and I had to wait a few hours!

Publish0x sparked my interest in starting up my own writing again!  It has been over a decade since I've written anything at this point, thus why there was a lack of confidence in my abilities in the beginning.  Then, one random day, I literally woke up and said "why the hell not?".  I applied to become a blogger and got approved to begin writing within a few hours of submitting my application, even without giving any previous blog styles for proof I can actually write articles.  I sat on the couch and bounced ideas back and forth in my head and with my wife, eventually creating my first ever blog post that very same day! 


This newfound confidence stemmed solely from the fact that I realized it doesn't matter what my writing style is and it really doesn't matter if my blog posts will be liked by every single person on this platform.  There is a blog for each and every person, whether it be crypto or blogging about cute animals!  I have come to find out that, when writing your own blogs, you don't need to cater to every individual... you just need to write about what makes you happy and topics that you are interested in!  That's what a blog is all about.  Those who are interested in what you have to talk about will come and read what you have to say.  Some may love it, some may hate it... but that goes for anything in life anyways!

I have been truly blessed with my first month of writing blogs on this platform.  I have gained over 15,000 views within the first 15 days of writing and I am already nearing almost 100 followers!  This may seem small to the big bloggers on this platform, but this is a huge milestone for me and I can't be more proud of myself for taking this leap.  I would like to thank each of my viewers for reading what I have to post, even if you don't like it!  Feedback is always appreciated and it only helps me grow on this platform and with my writing.  I look forward to continuing to blog about whatever comes to mind and growing my platform on Publish0x.  This is my one and only blog source and publishing platform!

If you are interested in writing your own blogs and aren't because you feel like your writing wouldn't be good enough, don't think that way!  Like I said, it truly doesn't matter!  If you love writing and enjoy a topic, write about it!  Don't waste time like I did because you truly never know.  There is a topic for everyone and everything... take that leap and see for yourself and do what makes you happy!


Thanks so much for reading! 
Please feel free to follow my page for daily blog posts about crypto news, updates, and research! 
Have a wonderful day! 

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