HEX and FARM are having a baby on the Polygon Network and you are invited

So a while ago I posted about this airdrop opportunity that no one is posting about for some reason, but it was early in the morning and the post sank like a stone. Since this seems to be a neat opportunity, I would hate for people to miss out, so here goes again: I stumbled on this useful faucet that lets you claim 0.003 MATIC on the Polygon network to fund your onboarding and some initial fees you might have. That is next to nothing in value, but that's not the point. The point is the same entity that's behind the faucet is offering a 'revolutionary' new token (yawn) called Mac&Cheese (XVMC). They claim this to be 'the opposite of yield farming', but from what I understand it's just a clone of HEX but applied to farming. Considering how HEX is a great crypto though I decided to get on board, because guess what: the token is being airdropped to people who held a number of crypto in their wallet. Here is a list of who is eligible for free XVMC:

MATIC holders on Polygon MATIC validators/delegators
CAKE Stakers on Pancakeswap
BNB holders(on BSC, ETH, Polygon)
ETH holders on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC
ETH 2.0 validators
Solana Validators
xSUSHI stakers
HEX Stakers

The snapshot date was 18th of October. Now, I will not pretend to understand what exactly is on offer here, but what I can see clearly is an opportunity to get yet another, potentially useful token at the cost of a single MATIC transaction which you can fund with a faucet. For people new to the Polygon chain this might be a fun exercise. While claiming you also get the option of freezing your tokens for a period of time up to 5 years to get a larger payout. You might want to add the token to your wallet as well, its contract is here. Finally, make sure you held more than 5$ worth of the currency you are claiming for. I had a trace amount of HEX that I claimed for and although I went through the process I don't think I will see any profits as that was less than 5USD worth of HEX. Also, which they do not tell you on the claim page, when claiming from someone's reflink you get 10% more (and the person who referres you obviously gets something too). I claimed without a reflink as I just randomly stumbled upon the airdrop (which was not advertised on where I usually get my info) so sadly less tokens for me. Here is my reflink, for those of you who don't want to repeat my mistake. Finally, the airdrop ends when the last tokens are distributed, which the site estimates being in just 9 days.

Do your own research, obviously, but here is a step-by-step manual of how to claim XVMC if you are eligible for it:

1. Open your wallet, like Metamask, and add the Polygon Network to it. There are plenty tutorials online, I used this one.

2. Change your wallet to the Polygon network and add a custom token. Just paste the contract address (0x6d0c966c8A09e354Df9C48b446A474CE3343D912) in the correct field and the rest will autofill, setting the decimals at 18 and the token marker as XVMC

3. Claim some MATIC from this faucet, wait 10 minutes and claim again, to get 0.003 MATIC.

4. Click here, input the details of what you held, when and where, choose when you want to receive the token, proceed to the next step

5. The page will ask you to send an empty transaction to confirm. Use the address on the page, initiate a new transaction (the amount of MATIC is locked as 0, so don't worry, you only have to pay Polygon transaction fees which are tiny) and confirm it with the amount of GAS you feel comfortable with.

That's it! I absolutely hate shilling and reflinks crowding up publish0x, BUT this opportunity seemed just too good to ignore and I am baffled by how little publicity it got considering the huge number of potential claimants. Hopefully the project takes off, for the benefit of all those who read this.


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