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FaucetCrypto - How to NOT take care of your users

By keenbean | KeenBean | 8 Oct 2021

In it's most basic form, a crypto faucet is where a user can make a claim every so often (usually every hour, day, etc...) for free, or perhaps by solving a simple captcha. 

Many of these faucets have grown and have become full offer walls and include tasks for its users. It's common for one site to include offer walls such as OfferToro, Theorem Reach, Adgate, and others. While many of the offer walls are questionable at best, it's still a nice way to earn points/coins quick and redeem for crypto.

The redemption part is what separates the good sites from the bad. A good website would be able to process a withdraw request within 24 hours. Places like Cointiply are able to process very large transactions when a user has chosen to redeem. FireFaucet can do up to $10 USD per day.

Now we get to places like FaucetCrypto. New users are able to withdraw maybe 50 cents USD at best per day when starting. Not a lot, but it's at least something. so what's the issue?

FaucetCrypto is notorious for almost NEVER having any crypto available.

Want to withdraw coins? Too bad, this is what you will always see at FaucetCrypto

This causes a huge issue for the users. If you complete a tasks and have a lot of points, you can only redeem about 50 cents a day. When no wallets are filled, that means you are stuck and can't withdraw anything. If you continue to complete tasks, than you continue to accumulate points, which once again, can't be used!

Even worse is the "support" team. There are a few in the online chat that instantly ban users who mention that the wallets are empty. Their response is always "wallets take time to fill, be patient." Well when it's been over a MONTH and you still can't withdraw, that means it's time to abandon the website.

Why does FaucetCrypto keep wallets empty? It all comes from an incident several years ago with the site owner, Dante. Users could withdraw fractions of a cent at a time. At one point, the website had a major glitch and granted users essentially all the points available in the system. This allowed users to cash out the entirety of the FaucetCrypto wallet within minutes (which was only a few hundred dollars). Because of this, Dante now no longer keeps more than a few dollars in each crypto wallet. This means they get drained almost instantly.... and mostly by the shills who patrol the website and are notified the wallets have been filled. The "regular" users are left holding empty bags once again, just hoping to get lucky to jump on an available crypto when it becomes available.

This is a shady business practice. The admins/moderators are allowed to come in quick to sweep up available crypto, and regular users may get lucky to get a few scraps. They do this, as the regular users are the ones completing 99% of the tasks and making money for the website. Dante continues to make thousands of dollars a month off ads/surveys/offer walls, and not allow users to withdraw their hard earned money.

It is understandable that a website needs to make profit, and the creator definitely deserves to make money for their hard work.... but not through lies and deception. The only way for this nonsense at FaucetCrypto to stop is for users to fight back. Unfortunately, since any questions about the wallet situation is met with a ban, that means the only way to stop Dante is to leave the site. For those looking to make more money via crypto, there are so many better options, such as Cointiply and FireFaucet mentioned at the beginning of this article. Please do your part to stop shady sites like FaucetCrypto.

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