W.H.O Website - Coronavirus

By KdGamerHub | kdgamerhub | 30 Jul 2020

From W.H.O website. By their admission, there's really no need to wear a mask, get a vaccine or close down the world economy. But then, it never really was about saving lives or preventing the spread of a virus, was it? If you still think it was, you have not been paying attention and have allowed yourself to be manipulated. And before anyone comes with the, "its about protecting the vulnerable", take a look at all the other viruses that this cohort are susceptible to every single year that you never, ever think twice about. Then go read about what's really going on. #covidblind #Scamdemic #hoodwinked   0080adced4cf4a141f5b884113c79e7d364280eeb5a176f2831461ec67552820.png

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