Hardware Wallet or Bitcoin wallet, wants to know more??

Hardware Wallet or Bitcoin wallet, wants to know more??

By kazi1995 | KAzi Hridoy | 13 Jun 2020

What is Hardware wallet??

Hardware wallet some thing like that you keep your money in your moneybag and you can carry this with you where ever you want and without theft by someone the loosing percentage rates are very low. It's one kind of Bitcoin wallet which stores the private keys of the customer or owner in a hardware device securely.

Now want to discuss about this wallet's advantages:

Firstly we know that this Hardware wallet is something like software wallet. As a special type of Bitcoin wallet which keep your private keys in protected area  of a microcontroller and you can assure you that it is not leak out. You can always keep it on your hand or with you, so what do you think, how much secure this smart wallet.

Maybe you think that we know sometimes our hardware affected virus and we lost something for virus attack. So, is there any possibility like virus attack can damage this Hardware wallet?? 

Yeah there is a possibility of damage by virus but it's immune system; something sound biological but it's true that some immune system help that to keep virus free.

But one of the major disadvantages about this wallet is, it won't protect you from sending Bitcoin on a wrong address. Actually this wallet can not work with a malware function.

Now it's up to You, what do you think about this hardware wallet?



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