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How to open a transaction for the Bitcoin split?

By kazandiran | Kazandiran | 19 Apr 2020

There are 24 days left for Bitcoin halfway, and Bitcoin supply will be cut in half after 24 days. How to open a transaction for the Bitcoin split?

Cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe and Scott Melker, nicknamed The Wolf of All Street, talked about Bitcoin prices as the Bitcoin halfway approached.

According to Poppe, unless Bitcoin loses support of $ 6.7K and $ 6.8K, it will see the values ​​of $ 7.6K - $ 7.8K with the halving effect. Otherwise, prices may decrease to the level of 5 thousand dollars. According to Poppe, prices will be withdrawn again after seeing $ 7.6K - $ 7.8K with the effect of halving.

Poppe: To me, Bitcoin tends to fall in the medium term

Scott Melker said I will not make bull comments about Bitcoin. Reminding the $ 5K scenario for Bitcoin, which was released recently, Melker said, if you are a Fibonacci commentator, you can make a $ 5K comment. But for now, $ 5K for Bitcoin is not on my radar.


The announcer asks Melker what is your script with the lowest price if it's not $ 5K for Bitcoin. Melker answers this question again $ 5K and does not expect Bitcoin to fall back to $ 3K levels.

Poppe agrees with Melker on the worst-case scenario in Bitcoin.

Announcer questions Poppe and Melker about the best optimistic picture in Bitcoin, the best scenario.

Melker thinks it is too early to pronounce 13 and 14 thousand numbers for Bitcoin, albeit in good scenario. According to the good scenario, Melker suggests that Bitcoin can see $ 7.5K and $ 8K.

The announcer asks how they interpret the S&P 500 and the 12 percent increase in the US financial markets last week. The announcer also stated that some experts commented that financial markets could bottom down again.

Scott Melker thinks that the US financial markets are quite bearish. He interprets last week's rise in financial markets as a dead cat step.

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