why REN DeFi will hit $1.00 soon?

By Kavi | Kavya | 19 Aug 2020

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REN DeFi is just sleeping giant in the DeFi market and it can be explode at anytime .there are many recent updates we can see in the market through various source of media and it clearly indicates that the time is come to make this project fly to the moon. 

It has excellent community at every source of media like twitter, telegram , LinkedIn, Facebook , reddit  which connects the people around the world which leads well connectivity with every news and updates . 

presently it is traded in high volume at Binance exchange and apart from this ,it has also major exchanges where it is being traded. REN is basically connect other blockchain liquidity to provide better DeFi experience to the communities . it has recently launched DeFi on bitcoin blockchain where it surged in the price such quickly at $.50 and expecting more blockchain to be added to this DeFi platform . 

As per recent feedback from different crypto news article , it will be proved better and fast DeFi with pure trustworthiness and also ethereum blockchain will secure this smart contract to be more scalable in the future . 

as per price prediction , REN is upcoming sleeping giant DeFi which will valued more than $1.00 soon. 



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