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Shiba Inu listed on Coinbase .Will this coin make investors Billionaire?

By Kavi | Kavya | 15 Jun 2021


After Great Success of Dogecoin ,Many Meme coins recently got launched on various blockchain and Shiba Inu was one of them but how in just Few months old coin had such a huge followers on twitter and telegram .What is the most interesting about this which also could not resist Coinbase for listing this. 



Here are some facts about Shiba Inu coins:

1.Shiba Inu coin was launched as the competitor of Dogecoin and the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin called "THE DOGECOIN KILLER" which took this news in the market as viral.

2.Its Total supply (1,000,000,000,000,000)can surprise everyone and called it shitcoin but interesting part is ,half of its supply coin already been burned  and half supply been locked in Uniswap secure wallet and the keys are been forgotten means nobody can misbehave with this coin.

3. Ryoshi who created Shiba & Leash coin, complete decentralised and made excellent meme token which also loved by Vitalik Buterin and invested billions dollar already to it. 

4. Shiba Inu came to more popularity when Vitalik Buterin Donated India Covid 19 charity around 50 Trillions Shiba Inu token which was worth billion  dollar as the price of Shiba  jumped 1000x times from its all time low.



5. Binance as a big exchange priotised listing Shiba Inu and created opening door for other big exchanges to list shiba.

6. Shiba is the decentralised meme token as well as Artist incubator where NFT , collectibles , shiba awap everything available to make it great meme coin.


7.Shiba Inu is launched on Ethereum blockchain but soon will go for cross chain expansion .

8.Shiba inu is presently ranking 30th in coinmarket cap from last few months . It predicted to be hitting $0.01 till the end of this year as per study its trending and news updating.

9. Shiba inu also support charity for Shiba Dog protection and it has been collaborated with non-profit organisation for the cause . it has open a page at Amazon where its communities will go and buy things for supporting for Shiba dog which is rare breed. 


10. Shiba has been listed on all the major exchanges to be traded and its growth makes every one happy .


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