LBRY Credit (LBC) Bad time still not going off . what are the reasons ?

By Kavi | Kavya | 12 Jun 2021

Old and Matured wines are always great in taste and aromatic then why  LBRY still surviving in crypto market to gain deserving price value.A such old project has still needs to prove about its authenticity and credibility.

Let me quote Billionaire and crypto investor Mark Cuban who also felt that SEC (The Security & Exchange Commision ) still not matured to analyse transparently about cryptos and lawsuit related.

mark cuban    


LBRY Credit is the token which reward its content creators .This project has upgraded with many notable features like launching centralised website called where no need to wait for synchronise the service. The CEO  Jeremy Kauffman is leading the team so passionately with great intentions .

jeremy kauffman  


Features of LBRYCredit:

>LBRY claimed one of major competitor of you tube and  it offers its publisher to sync their youtube contents to lbry platform.

> LBRY provide Non-Censored ,Decentralised, Monetised platform for users.

>LBRY is leading as decentralised Video content platform in blockchain industry and it aims to start live streaming as well in coming future.

> LBRY launched Centralised platform called where contents publishing is highly rewarding and efficient to use.

>LBRY expanding to every device connectivity , it can be easily used by app from apple IOS , Android phone or desktop computers.

>LBRY Daily viewing traffic is increasing and holding rank 1 position in decentralised video content platform. 



Lbry is on 29th March,2021  got charged by SEC for conducting an unregistered offering of digital assets securities.Which are true or not the result will come out after judicial court decision but Its common sense how come Lbry token considered security as other ALT tokens are not .ethereum has thousand dapps running successfully as securities but SEC not caught them. 


SEC is highly responsible to crash LBRY Token price after releasing the statement .


Eventually ,LBRY is the rival of you tube and it does not suit to big company to called Lbry big on blockchain. Lbry is the decentralised platform where only token can be earned through publishing. 

There are some other reason of dropping the price of LBRY  token was sudden announcement of upbit korean exchange where lbry had been listed.



Upbit exchange also warns lbry to submit  necessary document in the given date otherwise lbry token will be de-listed. After the news the token price drops -55% and currently trading at $0.057



In Summery, Lbry is the amazing project for the contents creators and their users ,It is here to stay and fight back with all its barriers .There is no doubt Lbry will be a major rival of You Tube on decentralised platform.It has just crossed 1 million Users and their aim and project road map heading upward to bring 1 billion users on their platform .Sooner or later they will be succeed.








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