Hibiki Run. A slightly different M2E

By Kavehu | Kavehu | 22 Sep 2023


Do you know what Gachapon or Omamori is? If not, no problem. Introducing Hibiki Run, a polygon-based app with elements of Japanese pop culture. I admit that it is a little difficult to describe the whole logic of the game. I will try to summarize the basic elements and modes, you can learn more here.

Unlike classic M2Es like Stepn or Walken, HIBIKI RUN comes with a "Listen to earn" concept - a combination of music streaming and digital collectibles. She doesn't seem to have chosen the aggressive go-and-win methodology that often leads to a death spiral.

At the outset, it should be said that none of the obtained tokens are yet tradable and cannot be sent from the application to your own wallet. Matic you choose to use to buy or sell game items remains in the app for now. Coming Soon.

Tokens in play:

HUT - Hibiki Run tool token, currently in-app credit

HBK - Hibiki Run Governance Token will be listed on CEX in the future

MATIC - used for purchases in a fully functional market


Headphones and other NFTs

Headphones are the heart of the whole idea. After registration, the user will receive a Gachapon (which is a robotic hand machine so popular in Japan) that includes headphones. If you want these free headphones to be able to get a higher rarity or send to the wallet, be level 15 and that brings us to the game modes. I personally do not have these ambitions and for now I will be satisfied with the distribution of HUT and HBK tokens.


Game mods

"Working" mode - earn by walking HUT and HBK tokens. Use both tokens to upgrade your headphones.

"Listen" mode - by listening, get more "Pouch" from which you can create the so-called "Omamori". Omamori is basically a temporary support, but also an important element to increase the rarity of your free headphones. This process requires a pair of level 15 headphones and a specific Omamori.

"Raffle" Mode - With Gachapon, you can get any amount of HBK token for a fee in HUT or again in one of the "Pouch", but you can also get limited headphones.



To be honest, Hibiki Run was on Discord and Twitter wasn't as active as I'm used to with projects like this. This apparently does not apply to Japanese users, where various Off-line events etc. are organized. However, at the time of writing this article, the activity has improved significantly. And it will be interesting to watch closely where this concept goes.

That's all for now and see you soon!!!


Of course, this is not financial advice. These are just my personal opinions.

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