Bitcoin and Ethereum Commodities???

By KatsuCrypto | KatsuCrypto | 1 Sep 2023

Hello Dearies!

More big news from our lovely Bitty two days in a row! Yesterday, there were reports that Grayscale took a step in the right direction, as far as getting their Bitcoin ETF through the regulations gauntlet!  Then we got to see that wondrous god candle yesterday! 

With the news today, one would think that the price would have gone straight up again! I’m sure there are a lot of longs that got stopped out today. 

No, number did not go up today! But make no mistake about it! It was a step in the right direction. My concern, right now, is not if the price goes up. Truthfully, I want price to go down! I WANT, nay NEED to accumulate more BTC and ETH. 

Full disclosure, I did add more $PEPE to my bag. Let me know in the comments what your plan is in this crypto winter we’re still experiencing. My goals are to make a concentrated effort on these two commodities. That’s why I’m here in this space.  

HODL 💪! Participate. Accumulate.

I do not own enough Bitcoin and Ethereum. And neither do you.

Thanks for reading! ✌️ 


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