Kucoin, why not this passive income?

By karinxxl | karinxxl | 28 Apr 2021

I remember ages back some dude was writing about Kucoin and how enthusiastic he was about this exchange. There were al kinds of benefits to this and the price was going strong. This was in 2017/2018 or something. Also there were all kinds of different tokens on this and I thought: 'why not just start there as well'

As said, this was in 2017/2018 and the price on 1 Kucoin share was around $3. I bought some KCS with some crypto I made from writing in Steemit back in the day and didn't really pay attention to it. Also I found the tokes which were on there a little bit to exotic and this was in the beginning of my crypto days. Transactions and trading were still a bit scary.


After that when the bear market started I didn't really pay attention to this exchange at all. I saw the price from Kucoin shares (KCS) drop to below the dollar and found it a bummer that I had send my crypto towards here. It dropped to the back of my mind.



Flash forward to the now

I let my KCS just live around there and never opened up my wallet again until a couple of months back. Kucoin was back above the $3 again and I thought it would be a good thing to see what was going on with my funds.

When I opened my account I saw that my account had grown over the years. And not because the price of KCS was up, but because the amount of which I owned was up! What a joy to see!



So what I had learned then is that when you have 6 or more shares you get a part of of the daily trading fees which you literally get every day. You can save these to you wallet daily to collect even more trading fee parts.

On top of the that the price of KCS was rising so all of a sudden this had turned into something nice. What a sweet find.!


In terms of passive income this might actually be something. Kucoin shares (yes this is my referral) are still quite cheap compared to a lot of other exchange tokens and apparently the exchange is doing good business and growing steadily.


As said, the only thing you have to do to grow your stash is to hold more than 6 pieces which today would cost you around $75 bucks. From here on you can sit back and relax and let the exchange fees do the work. Or you can start trading there to get even more shares (not for the faint hearted this trading deal)

Apart from that it feels like the Kucoin exchange is gaining more and more popularity and its token price is also on the rise. That is like double winning.

I threw in a couple of bucks years back and slowly but surely this has grown into something nice. A great passive income for forgetting about it and finding it back years later.



And ofcourse here is your legal disclaimer. Although I am very siked about my find back after years which has turned into something nice, this doesn't have to work out the same for you. Always do your own research, and use your brain and I am in no way responsible for hussling you into something you didn't want to

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A Dutch girl who lived in a lot of places writing about life, Covid, travel and some crypto amonst the daily stuff

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