Binance has Travala integrated in the mobile app. Coolness!

By karinxxl | karinxxl | 15 May 2021

I have been a fan of Travala (AVA) for a while now. The concept of actually integrating a usecase where you can actually use crypto to do something with it is a good start. The question whether of people will actually do this at this point, is not answered as yet ofcourse. I guess the bullmarket and the hype is way too big at this point for people to book an easy trip from their hard hodled-crypto, and I guess this option is more something for later on.

Nevertheless, an option for BUIDL (Building Utility In Daily Life) is the way to go to actually get crypto more in usecases



When you have the Binance App on your phone (I havent found it in the desktop version as yet), the in the 'more' option and you go aaaaaalllll the way down, then you see a Beta Logo for 'Hotels' and all of a sudden you end up in a sort of version on crack powered by crypto.

I did get some flirtatious vibe with taking the profits from the day and pressing 'yes' to booking a hotel just somewhere. Because know free money..and actually using it to do something with it. That is hot!


I don't think the price does the value of the utility justice as yet. Apart from that Travala has this quick-tip on Binance, it is listed on a lot of exchanges actually. Currently 81% of the total supply of 61 million tokens is already circulating, but I don't know if any will be burned when used or something.

On the other hand, if AVA would be a stable token to book trips with, to me that would also be fine. Or is this old fashioned thinking maybe?

They also have a loyalty program which also reminds me of where you get discounts when actually booking trips for your next one. There are also loyalty bonusses which give a steady APY which remind more of bank percentages than current crypto percentages. But on the other hand, that would fit the situation of making it more stable.



When you book with this on Binance, binance pays the booking with fiat to the booker in the rate of your crypto purchase. I like the idea of how this would work, and would be eager to try it honestly.

As said, with a day good in the green I might just make a free-money-booking here or there all of a sudden once we get travelling again.

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