Hook binance launchpad

By Marco K | Kappei81 | 10 Dec 2022

HOOK, the new project launched on Binance, is a quiz to earn platform, where users earn small sums by participating in quizzes, currently this is the pilot project mainly in Indonesia where 2 million users have signed up.
The project has the ambition to reach billions of users and help the growth of web3.
Unfortunately, tokenomics (even if well studied) is fundamentally linked to project trust.
even if not very inflationary, it has no real use, therefore the token will not have an intrinsic value.
But let's get to the numbers.
The total supply is equal to 500,000,000
on December 1st there will be 10% of the unlocked tokens, and half to the launchpad participants.
the other part will be given as incentives to the community, (the token can be staked to increase its number)
for about 1 year there will be no other tokens put on the market, but from 2024 those of the early investor team will be linearly unlocked, in 7 years 100% of the supply will be reached.
What I recommend,given the market situation, and unless you believe in the project, is to liquidate all the coins received in the listing.

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