Binance.. the exchange to MUST HAVE

By Marco K | Kappei81 | 5 Mar 2021

Binance is THE EXCHANGE, the first exchange by capitalization and volume, for many people the best place to hold small amounts of crypto without avoiding the monstrous fees of the network.

in addition to having spot futures and margin trading, you have the possibility to use internal swaps, tokens with leverage, and to be able to request the binance card for free, the credit card to spend (with a few fees) directly from your account.

Leaving aside the binance earn part and  BSC (Binance smart chain) that an article would not be enough for both.

The tokenomics of the platform pushes on the increase in the value of the token, the fees produced are used every 3 months to buy and burn tokens to limit its supply. as you can see below this has a steady growth despite the growth in the value of the token, a sign that Binance is increasing profits.


the image below confirms how the volumes are always the growth


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