The Crypto mania happiness is simple

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 29 Mar 2024

Bullishness is an advantage, but that's not really how happy crypto mania is in general.

What can give happiness to crypto mania is actually so simple. It's so simple that if given a definite and clear average, it's all the same.


What is the happiness that can make crypto mania happy?

The answer is only one, the wallet they have a balance that is sufficient to be sold in or traded.

Yes, that's it. But because it is so simple it is not easy to get. Because even if it contains a balance, of course, the value can also give a smile in it.

So if it is said that bullish is the happy time of crypto mania, it is actually not true. It's just that bullish times provide a greater opportunity for them to feel the happy word.

We don't know where their balance comes from, the point is that there can be content. That's what makes them happy, because at least they can feel what it means to have crypto currency.

Moreover, their wallet contains suddenly without them knowing its come from.

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