Red or Blue

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 23 Apr 2024

Arbitrum and Optimism are ecosystem services that are quite popular these days. As projects that run with EVM offerings, both have many advantages and disadvantages. If we draw a conclusion, we will get a modelization like this:

- For users looking for the lowest transaction fees and the widest ecosystem, Arbitrum might be a better choice.

- As for developers who want full EVM compatibility and fast transaction verification, Optimism is a better choice.

However, when viewed in terms of the current market, Arbitrum occupies a better position on the 41 coin market chart while Optimism is in the 49 coin market chart position, while in terms of price, Optimism with a market price at the time of this writing at $2.48 is better than Arbitrum which is at a market price at the time of this writing of $1.18. ("CoinGecko source").

In terms of the emergence of each camp, it is only a year apart where Arbitrum was born in 2023 with a max supply of 10 billion while Optimism in 2022 with a max supply of 4.3 billion. And both of them in 2024 created a new record for their ATH price conditions. If taken in terms of birth, circulation supply from total supply, it seems that Arbitrum does have better performance.

However, from all these sides, if it is prioritized which one is better, it means that it needs a deeper emphasis in terms of needs and convenience. So when viewed from the word need for convenience, it could be that Arbitrum as the stronghold of the Blue is the best until this month's period.

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