Not your key not your money

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 6 Dec 2023

Crypto welcomes 2024, some are happy and some are sad. The happy ones who have invested when the price is still far below the market price, the sad ones from those who cannot own, sell too quickly,
feel too late, to the part that has been deceived by someone or a project.

Various analogies of course. but that is the reality of life in the eyes of the world.


Indeed, crypto is in a bullish trend at this time and it may even be difficult for many to feel the benefits even though it is not significant or has not yet reached its momentum.

There are many messages and advice that must be remembered and maintained specifically during this period, where crypto is not as big as the buying and selling market, not just long term or short term, or just investing.

Crypto is broader than all that, crypto has many advantages and achievements that have not yet been fully achieved. The most important thing is to move towards a better, civilized, and safeguarded economy.


Don't just get carried away by trends or upturns. Remember that crypto is here to provide the general public with how to manage finances independently without third party interference. Beyond that, crypto provides learning about the progress of the times, technological advances so as to create new learning for all humanity regarding the context of the digitalization economy.

Don't be awake and don't be fixated, let's continue to rise to awaken the existence of crypto where the global economic world is. No your key not your momey.

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