the future cryptocurrency
the future cryptocurrency

By Kanielcash | Kanielcash | 13 Feb 2020

Learn About Bitcoin (BTC)

BTC symbol
Price in Reais R $ 44,299.7000
Dollar Price $ 10,219,1000
Price in Bitcoins 1.00000000
Volume 24h $ 49,735,500,000
Capitalized $ 186,148,000,000
1 hour -0.0600039
24 hours -1.15231
7 days 4.80305


Bitcoin hits $ 10,480 but loses 4% in a row; cryptocurrencies are still on the rise. but the currency still has gas to continue rising.



Driven by halving


The good moment lived by bitcoin is mainly due to the expectation of the next halving.

Halving is an event scheduled to occur every 210,000 blocks mined from the Bitcoin network, which takes approximately 4 years. The next one will take place in the first half of May, in approximately 87 days.

This event reduces the issuance of digital currency by half, reducing the supply and increasing the scarcity of the asset in the market.

Overall, the trend remains optimistic, with an accumulated increase of 42% in the first weeks of 2020. BTC is trading well above the 200-day average at $ 8,867. The capitalization of the crypto market, however, remains high, exceeding US $ 300 billion.

"Based on this trend, the trader said investors will probably never see Bitcoin at $ 3,000 again."


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Criador de Conteúdo Trader Profissional Marketing Digital

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