Do not compare yourself

By Anfibio | Amphibious Thoughts | 5 Apr 2023

Yesterday I wrote a post on Reddit about comparing our own situation with others who invest. Since it was well received I decided to share it here. 

It goes for the amount of money, crypto portfolio or material possetions.

Crypto investing can be very stressful, it takes a lot of emotional detachment or courage to watch your portfolio do a -80%, HODL through that bear market and achieve a new ATH.

Not many of us are able to acomplish that and along the way we may get susceptible to comparing our position with others who are already way ahead of us.

Everyone has his own goals, dreams, aspirations. Do not compare what you have or what you want to achieve with the possessions or goals of another person.

Someone wrote an article claiming they earned $1,000,000? Sweet!

A friend told you that they own 5000 BTC? Awesome!

"Comparison is the thief of joy"


Do not let this provoke anxiety or despair because someone is 5 steps ahead on their way to financial freedom. Everyone has a different income, different bills, different backgrounds. $10K Is a fortune for some, and just pocketchange for others.

Focus on yourself, do not get blinded by other's sucess. Celebrate your own victories even if they seem little.

Your path to financial freedom is a marathon, not a sprint.


Thank you for reading, I hope this helps!

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Amphibious Thoughts
Amphibious Thoughts

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