So Good news, more places adopted Bitcoin!

In conference of Bitcoin 2022, in Miami, USA some awesome news was announced new places that will adopt Bitcoin!!!

This is the future guys! How we like we say here in Portugal, grain by grain the hen fills her belly, In other words, small steps at the beginning are fundamental for a great future. 


One for me that was big surprise was Madeira Island in Portugal. Madeira's regional president was present at the conference, Pedro Miguel Albuquerque and he said the wonderful phrase "I believe in the future and I believe in Bitcoin"

He said that he will make Madeira a fantastic environment for Bitcoin. The Madeira Island lives a lot from tourism, and with the acceptance of bitcoin it only grows!



Other adoptions went to a region in Honduras, Prospera and Mexico.

Small steps for the big future! The good news!


Thanks for our time for read my articles!





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