Opinion - CryptoTab browser is a scam

You may have heard about https://cryptobrowser.site/en/ - the chromium-based browser that claims you can mine BTC while browsing the internet. My BS radar went off all over the place when I heard it. Here are my reasons

A personal computer is not that powerful, let alone a browser

You can try to mine crypto on your personal computer's CPU. On my MacBook Pro 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, I crunched the numbers, and if I were to run a CPU mining for 24/7, I would make at most 0.00001023 BTC (about $0.47) per month. And this is with my computer fans going crazy and my computer getting hot enough to cook an egg. 

Now, are you seriously going to think a browser can mine anything tangible? Even if it could use 100% of your CPU (at which point, you wouldn't be able to use your computer for anything else), and you used your browser for 8hours a day, then you'd make about $0.15/month.

While they do not quote any actual earnings, Reddit posts of folks claiming they are making $47/month. Come on!

It's a pyramid scheme

While most services do have a referral, when a referral system goes 10 levels deep, it starts to look like a pyramid scheme. 


No reputable reviews anywhere

You can find the exact opposite. People are are seeing their wallet-draining or everyone calling it bs

It's suddenly everywhere

This browser suddenly works everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE and has tons of ad-ons?


Either the company behind this product has hired a ton of engineers, or they have built buggy tools, or it is just a scam.

The "PRO" feature of an already sketchy product?

Because the default version wasn't sketchy enough, they have a "Cloud.Boost" feature that arbitrarily can boost your earnings by 60x


I mean, why not? If you are going to fake a product, at least fake it big! Look at that hashrate! You would be making 0.00247522 BTC ($106) a month with that rate. But, again, remember running my CPU at 100% for 24/7 would at best give me $0.47.

Sketchy, clickbait description

The website is crawled with clickbait, too good to be true, and loud advertisement of the product:


This website is just filled with placeholder photos. 

Terrible .site domain name

I might be nitpicking at this point, but what kind of a product uses a .site domain? Couldn't you bother to get a more proper domain name?

This browser is shady, and I would never install it. However, if you want to make some extra passive cash while browsing the internet, why don't you install Brave? It is a privacy-focused browser that removes ads and cookies that track you, has a built-in wallet, and has Brave Rewards.

All I can say is good job Crypto Browser (sarcastically).


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