15 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrencies

In this short blog, I will list 15 different ways to earn cryptocurrencies.

1. Crypto Mining

This is the OG way of earning cryptocurrency, and it is still one of the best ways to make money. As you know, cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning its validation process is distributed across the world. And by "world," it means somebody's computer - somebody like your computer. So mining is the process of installing software on your computer that allows such validation to happen on your CPU/GPU. 

2. Learn & Earn

Coinbase is one of the most prominent wallets out there. They also have a "For You" section where you can learn about a particular token and earn some dollars worth of that token. As of writing this article on Jan 2022, I have made about $50 worth of different random tokens on this site.

3. Cash Backs

You can sometimes get cashback when purchasing an item through some reseller. Some resellers pay you back in cryptocurrency as their "cashback." Lolli and Coinmiles are two such resellers.

4. Using Brave Browser

Brave is an open-source browser built on Chromium. A privacy-focus browser automatically blocks advertisements and cookies that track your activity. They instead display ads that you can opt into viewing. If you decide to do this in return, they have created a token called BAT (basic attention token) that they'll pay you.

5. Airdrops

Airdrops are when a creator of a new token sends free tokens to your wallet to promote awareness of their new currency. In return, they ask the receiver to upgrade their tokens. This is the sponsorship of a person/website using cryptocurrency. To receive airdrops, you then need to have already an audience that you can advertise to.

6. Bounty (aka Microtasks)

This is very similar to Airdrops. Many startups and companies will create a bounty - a task for you to do. For example, it can be to create a Reddit post that gets 1000 views. In return, they pay you a token for performing this task. Bounty0x is one such website.

7. Crypto Faucet

Continuing the bounty/airdrop theme, some companies/apps will pay you some tokens in exchange for a task you complete. The difference between this and bounty is that you specifically get paid through the app requesting this task.

8. Staking

Think of this as your regular bank's savings accounts where you put some money into your account, and the bank pays you back interest. Staking is when the investor (you) uses their fund to support the blockchain. 

9. Lending

This is when you lend your money to a borrower.

10. DeFi Yield Farming

Yield farming is similar to staking, except you temporarily lend your crypto to a DeFi platform and receive interest for it in return.

11. Become a Publisher

Well, this is a no-brainer - you are already on Publish0x. You can join a website that pays you to write articles.

12. Gambling

Did you think somebody wouldn't start a casino using crypto tokens? Head out to 1xBit or Wolf.Bet to try out your luck!

13. Credit Card

Some cryptocurrency wallets provide credit cards that you can use for your everyday purchase. These cards generally give you some "cash back" in the form of crypto tokens. Crypto.com has tons of such cards.

14. Games

There are games out there (read it as the v0 of metaverse). The basics of these games are to buy/sell land/items/etc., develop them, and then flip them for a profit. Some such games are Upland and Decentraland though there are tons of other games.

15. Referral

You can always make referrals bonuses through any crypto-service you use, whether a wallet, a game or a miner.



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