Rollercoin | About it | Double Rewards Week!

Rollercoin | About it | Double Rewards Week!


Rollercoin is an online crypto mining simulator game that lets you cashout real crypto.

About Rollercoin:

Rollercoin is based on playing minigames and leveling up your pc, your pc has a total of 4 levels and you need to win atleast one game every day to maintain the pc level you are on.

In Rollercoin, once you become a little more experienced there is an option to buy in-game miners, which actually act like real life ones!

Of course, you should not expect free money just like that, in Rollercoin, the more money you put in, the faster you progress.

Now obviously you can do it without any money, it will be slower but for me that is more fun because you get to grind for your money and at the same time have fun and rack up those RollerTokens (RLT).

RLT is the cryptocurrency used in the game to buy miners, event passes, racks...

The cheapest miner goes for around 2.5 RLT, which is around 2.5 USD.

Saying that, the cheapest miner is not really profitable, but combined with the power you get from minigames it will be fun and one day it will be worth it.

When playing games like these you have to think long term, long term, meaning crypto price will go up overtime and your investment will be profitable, but if you are playing this game thinking you will be rich within the first month playing it, you're definitely wrong.

There are of course more expensive miners, there was once a 1M rollers miner which cost over 300 USD!

Event pass is kind of like a battle pass, if you played a game like COD, or i don't even want to say it or ima puke,


It works on the concept of you completing weekly tasks and gaining xp and you get rewarded in return, for example, if you have the money to buy event passes they are very worth it, but the free rewards aren't bad either!


About the minigames featured on Rollercoin:

I am not going to go into detail about the minigames available on Rollercoin, however i am going to list them.

There are currently 10 minigames on Rollercoin, those are:







-2048 COINS




Those are all of the games available to play on Rollercoin, now every game has 10 levels, the higher level you are in said minigames, the more rewards you get, but they also get more challenging.





I heard about a special event this week, what is it and is it worth playing?

Absolutely! This week it is a 2x rewards week on Rollercoin which makes it very good for newcomers to get a quick start to the game.


My thoughts on Rollercoin and what i wish for you to do before starting out.

I have played Rollercoin for about a couple of days now, i don't have a miner yet, but i enjoy the game, and i don't even mainly play it for the rewards, i play it because i'm bored out of my mind due to "certain health concerns".

If you are looking to get into Rollercoin, and you wish to help me out and you want to get 1000 free Satoshis as soon as you join, you can use my referral link and it will benefit us all.

Thank you for the attention and stay safe!


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k1llswitch about Rollercoin
k1llswitch about Rollercoin

This blog is all about the innovative crypto mining simulator which pays you in real crypto, Rollercoin.

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