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Kwon Minas' Plans For Fans!

By pssyEatnPreacher | K-pop | 26 Aug 2020

! I have great news y'all! Kwon Mina has been recovering quickly, and through an interview, shared with us about her future plans for fans. 


I would hope that means that she is doing better~

A writer from the magazine met with her after the shoot, and during the interview Mina stated 

...recovering while receiving therapy...when I'm alone I keep busy with all kinds of hobbies."


Bringing up her fans, she stated how grateful she was for those who cared about her. ~ 

...I will return to Mina the steel-hearted. I am planning on sharing my honest thoughts and opinions with my fans through group chats...and more.

I wonder wether she'll return to singing, I wouldn't mind hearing her in an OST of her own ^¬^

I, for one, am excited AF about her return and the fact that she is recovering <3 

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