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Choa in AOA Black - Moya

Introduction To Choa ~

By pssyEatnPreacher | K-pop | 27 Aug 2020

  In lieu of her announced comeback and stunning OST performance (not to mention to hopes of her gaining more fans ^_^) I decided to do a short post on Choa and add some links to her music.



  Park Choa, or just Choa, was born on March 6th, 1990 (almost 5 years my senior ._.) in Incheon, Korea. While following her dream of becoming a musician/singer she was studying at Inha Technical College for Aviation Business Administration, under orders of her father who wanted a traditional job for her.

But did it stop her? Nope! She went on to audition at S.M Entertainment a total of 15 times

  The real changing point in her career was hearing about FNC's auditions through a fellow trainee from a company that went under. You'll know this fellow trainee as Juniel~ There would be no 16th failure, she was made a member of AOA as the lead vocalist, and honestly visual and dancer in my opinion, but regardless, lead vocals. AOA debuted July 30th, 2012 with 'Elvis' from their album titled 'Angels' Story'. 


   Aside from her time in AOA she had many singles as a solo artists. The first being her feature in Primary's 'Don't Be Shy' (Show Below) followed by 'Flame' later on that year.


Heres one of her covers, always bring a tear to my eye x.x:


and the instant classic:


~There is much more in her portfolio, like her being lead in a stage adaptation of High School Musical and her skits on SNL Korea, I'll leave that to you ^_^ ~



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