Crypto is better than a 401K Plan

By jvcz | jvcz | 19 Apr 2021

I'm still browsing through old wallets/exchange accounts I accumulated from 2016-2018 and according the transaction history many of them were dust under $3. Some had $20 that I just let rot all these years because at the time the large portion of my holdings were safe on hard wallets, and it was so bearish. But now..

Now these wallets have anywhere from $20-$50 each.

This is really better than a 401K plan.

The other difference is you get a penalty withdrawing 401K. 401K experience massive dips too. During the 2008 housing bubble. My moms 401K dipped from 60K to 5K and she got so nervous it was gonna keep tanking that she withdrew all of it, only to have it go back up over the same time it took crypto to recover from the 2018 crash.

So really. Crypto is better than a 401K.

The crash is about the same, but the recovery and gains holding is way better. Also you can move it around to different wallets or exchanges any time your heart wants to. I can't choose different companies to hold my 401k at the snap of finger. It's a difficult process.


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