The Successful Person, Are You One of Them??

By Joe Jutjutjut | Jutjutjut | 11 Jan 2023

Me: I've heard the ranting of four millionaires. Technically he describes the ability that he got from owning a large amount of passive income. I present you the points that I get from the first out of four. While reading, just imagine he was ranting to you and I'm not even in the picture:
What is the most important commodity in our life? What we can't buy with money, what can't be replaced? Time. Time is the most important commodity that we cannot buy, cannot replace, and time is the best thing that we can give to others.

I have a story I wanted to share. Since this week is the start of the school term, many parents are busy taking care of their children, and the first week of school is a big headache. I and many people are very busy taking care of our children since the school term is about to start, extra care needs to be given to the children, particularly the ones who are going to school for the first time. Because I don't have much experience in this matter, my children are all still young, maybe I am not like some of you whose children are older, and thus are used to this kind of experience. Due to not having much experience, I felt a little stressed at that time. I have to rush to prepare various things and all the children's school equipment alone because their mother just gave birth to my third child (I’m grateful for it), she's in confinement, so I have to settle everything, rushing here and there. To make matter worse, my first child and my second child do not go to the same school. So I'm a little bit stressed out.

From my observation, on the first day of school a lot of parents come to the school, send their children and stay with them, but on the second day, the number of fathers decreased significantly, and only the mothers were left looking out for their child. On the third day, even the number of mothers had reduced significantly substituted by nannies, housekeepers etc.

On the first day, when sending their children to school, the parents have to attend a briefing. In the briefing, the principal says thank you so much to parents for the hard work in sending their children, even though they have to take their annual leaves they still do it, some of them have to get permission from their bosses to go out of office for a certain period just to make sure their children could be registered properly into the school. I looked towards my left and right and saw a lot of parents nodding to the statement by the principal. That’s when it hit me, wow, I gave my respect to all these parents because, during the busy time of their work, they still take their time to make this happen for their children. If I have to do that, I would be even more stressed out. From there I found the beauty and I felt thankful for my condition today. In the stressed time, I found beauty. I can be with my children without thinking about other things, and I could focus 100% towards my child.

The best thing that I have is the ability to conquer my own time, without the need to think about other businesses. This ability is very important for you to have, and you can have it if you could find a way to get your revenue, even though you are not working anymore. Some would say I am boasting, with only 2 children to care about other people does that with more children. The difference is that I could do this every day for the rest of my children’s school life if I wanted to, but they could not afford to do that.

I started my business with a lot of dreams. When I started, I was quite young, I have a lot of things that I want such as the best car, a good house, shopping, and travel everywhere, and I’m thankful I could go through those phases fulfilling every desire unscathed, but the best achievement that I think I would not want to trade with others is the ability to conquer my own time.

People say the term "successful person" is very subjective, some people would define it by having a certain kind of house (Me: Bungalow I want one!!), some would define it by having a certain type of car (Me: Is it lambo??), some would even define it by their spouse (Me: really??). But from my perspective, a successful person is someone who could conquer his/her own time. If you could show me the person who could do this, in my eyes, in my heart, I would consider that person as a successful person.

If you just started in the right business, and you can work hard and focus for at least 2 years to give your all, there’s nothing that could prevent you from being a successful person. You could own your life in 2 - 3 years!! You could decide what you want to do every day without anyone dictating. You decide everything. Would there be challenges in those 2 years?? Of course bro!! Just remember, if you are in the wrong business you could be facing challenges for 40 years and still fail to become a successful person.

The premium message that I want to send across is that if you are willing to work hard in the right business you could get your time freedom. Remember, time is the most precious commodity and time is the best thing that you could give to your family.


Me: Hope you guys get the point and let's be one of the successful person!!

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Joe Jutjutjut

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