Claiming NFT From Winning Butterswap Airdrop in Torum

By Joe Jutjutjut | Jutjutjut | 12 Sep 2021

It's been a few weeks since I won the butterswap airdrops by Torum (you can see the list of the winner here I had no idea how to claim the airdrop, so I kept asking in a few of my Torum post, but no help coming. Maybe because it's such a noob question or nobody even knows the answer. So I'm going to put out my experience how I got to this point now, which is I managed to claim 2 NFTs from the BBOX that I got. Hope it helps.

I entered the airdrop using my metamask wallet address. It is the same address for your ethereum, BSC and heco mainnet actually. However, first I added the heco mainnet into the wallet. I followed the guide here

Then from there, I added BBOX token. The settings are:

contract address: 0x2f13963ddc4004d9db878299a1245eeca87c04c7
Symbol: BBOX
Token Decimal/precision: 0

Add BBOX token in Metamask

Ok, then I can already see the 2 blindbox that I won.

2 BBOX appear in my wallet!

What's next? Nobody answer. I went to and connect my wallet. In the sidebar (for smartphone)/topbar (for desktop browser), there is a link section to NFT. When I clicked on it, the browser will load the place where we can buy a BBOX.

Look for NFT section in the top bar

In the upper right section there are 3 icons i.e house logo, packed box logo and a dining plate logo. Then I clicked on the packed box logo, there I can see my 2 blindboxes.

pick the middle one, packed box

When I clicked on it to open, it requires gas fee in huobi token (HT). Seriously, I'm stucked here, where do I get this Huobi Token? I asked around if anyone could sell me some. To my surprise, nobody among my friend and crypto group that I trust hold any HT!

After quite some time, I decided to buy it in Huobi Platform itself from my Huobi phone apps, which I already finished my KYC for quite some time since the Binance and SC Malaysia saga. I go to the P2P section for the first time and bought RM100 of HT, which I got around 1.5++ HT at the rate of RM64.66/HT. That was quite a bad experience because the seller didn't release the HT within the time limit, not responding to my message, waiting for my appeal, frozen account and such a headache and adrenaline moment. Actually, I've chosen a pretty good p2p seller with 98% completion rate and average release of 11 minutes but still this happens, so I decide no more p2p here in Huobi. After the whole drama, I receive the notification that the seller had release my HT but I can't see it in the withdraw page. It turns out I need to transfer it from Fiat wallet to the Exchange wallet. Well this is to be expected because in binance I also need to transfer from p2p/funding wallet to my spot wallet. Getting back to the main story, when I was at the edge of withdrawing my HT to my Metamask wallet, I learned that I can only withdraw with a minimum of 2 HT. Wow, I need another 0.5 HT and not through p2p. After thinking for a while, I decide to buy straight from Huobi in the section buy with MYR with Visa and Mastercard. Surprised again, they only accept bank transfer (which is exactly what I use for P2P) at a much lower rate of RM60.68/HT from another seller, so how is this different from P2P? I should have use this in the first place and get cheaper rate. You should too. I bought another RM100 to get 1.6++ HT, without any nuisance this time.

Moment of truth, I transferred every HT I got to my Metamask wallet with a gas fee of 0.0088 HT. Within minutes, it appears in my Metamask wallet. So again, I repeat the step to get to the NFT section in Butterswap. I approve the transaction for 3 times which incurred the gas fee of 0.0014178915 HT and I get to open my blind boxes, revealing that I got a Macaron and an Escargot!

Total gas fees to open 2 butterswap blind boxes

I got a macaron and an escargot

I'm still exploring about the dinner table feature and unlocking plate, the reward seems yummy but to unlock a dinner plate also cost a lot. Haven't got to that part yet.

Getting back to my metamask account, I still got about 3.2 HT after the whole process. So I transfer 3 HT back into my Huobi account  with a gas fee of 0.0004725 HT and locking the HT for 14 days with 3% APY in the fixed staking. I left behind 0.1++ HT in my Metamask wallet just in case I need it again some other time.

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