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[NEWS] IOTA and Ethereum App on pandemic launched a rewards system

By McAlex7 | justsomenews | 16 Apr 2020

Recently IOTA and Ethereum created an Information platform called Aid Squad and this platform aims to help people around the world to understand better the COVID-19, its causes, consequences, etc... The particularity of this platform is the rewards, those rewards can be earn for the publication of a digital medical record, in a way it is rewarding commitment to the fight against the virus.

Let's jump into the goal of this interesting platform, Aid Squad is a decentralized and is an available information platform in the world that generates thermal maps and different graphs from user-submitted health data, like geographic locations or symptoms, to better understand our current pandemic and those to come.


So how does it work, once a Personal Health Record has been created and the user has submitted data, rewards can be earn by the user. The data generated as part of the reward process is shared seamlessly on the platform. The transparency portal also allows you to withdraw the collected rewards and transfer them to a portfolio.

The development team stated :

In the reward system, each case receives a symbolic assignment proportional to the CSP submissions associated with it. The reward system generates incremental snapshots that issue a number of tokens based on the number of PSDS submitted.

The tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain, the platform also relies on the IOTA entanglement and the Ethereum blockchain. Voluntary donors can contribute to the platform, those contributions will be then split equally among all participants, if they are sharing their health data. The great advantage of the Aid Squad is the guarantee that your personal data, except the information you provide, can't be shared. 

Here is a little diagram below to drive you through the all system between IOTA and Aid Squad :


Uninfected people can use the app to find out if they are near infected people. As soon as a user is newly infected, all people who have been in contact with them in the past 14 days are notified. According to the developers, the solution can be used across national borders and is scalable, making the application suitable for mass use.

The more a user is providing informations (verified with sources of course), the more he is rewarded, I thought I will share this idea with you because I find it interesting and very useful for people in need, it is cool that during those tough times ideas like that are emerging and that people with information can be rewarded through crypto.

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