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The Big Design Mistake of Enjin Wallet

By raftoral | Just my Blog | 3 Nov 2021

Hi everyone!

I would like to advise you about a very big mistake, from my point of view, that users of Enjin Wallet can find during their onboarding process. And it's not its fault, it's Enjin Wallet's design fault.

A few days ago, I installed Enjin Wallet on my Android mobile without any problem. I downloaded it, created a wallet and set my password up. And here started the problem.

I used to set my passwords with a Password Manager. So, I created a new one and pasted it on Enjin Wallet app with not problem.

Everything appeared fine until I started using the app and it asked me for entering my password.


For security reasons, Enjin Wallet only allows to use its built-in keyboard. And its keyboard only has a limited set of special characters. Since, my password is very strong and has special characters that aren't included on its keyboard:


I asked for Enjin Wallet's support. And they replied me, quite fast and diligently, to be honest:

"The Enjin secure keyboard has been built specifically for the Enjin Wallet as it encrypts all the data entered by you through the Keyboard, it's not possible to change the keyboard layout for security reasons as well as pasting passwords. In terms of that, if you didn't add any funds to your Enjin Wallet, we would recommend you to uninstall + install the Enjin Wallet again and create a password with the special characters available for you through the Enjin Wallet keyboard."

I replied them:

"From my point of view, it’s a big design mistake to allow users pasting the password as creating the wallet but not offer such option when asking for it again, once is created. This is the first wallet I see that has this kind of limitation and I don’t think the rest of wallets offer less security than Enjin's one. In fact, I believe if users need to type passwords manually, those ones are shorter than should be and, therefore, less secure."

Enjin support doesn't reply yet.

That means I have lost the access of my wallet. It doesn't have too much crypto, to be honest, as well. Only a free NFT that Enjin Web gave away.

But suppose someone send me a certain amount of crypto before I realize that I don't have any option to type my password. In this case, I would have lost such crypto. It could have been a huge lost!

Bottom Line

During the onboarding process of Enjin Wallet, take into account that your password is going to be limited to characters set included on its app keyboard. Otherwise, you won't be able to use it properly.

Take care and stay safe!



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