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EDIT: This faucet is legit but has NOT SUPPORT! Be aware of Faucet Free-Litecoin ( It doesn't pay!!!

By raftoral | Just my Blog | 9 Jun 2021

EDIT: After getting pay, I edit the post and describe what happened, at the end!

Hi there! How are the things going?

I'm not used to post but this time I think it's needed everyone knows about this illegit faucet: Free-Litecoin (

A week ago, I asked for a withdrawal, and the Web site told me: 'Your address is not valid change it profile settings'.

The Web is asking for changing my address

Following it, I asked for changing it. Received an e-mail and pressed the link on it, and the Web said: 'Withdraw address successfully change'.

The Web is telling my address has been changed

I asked again for the withdrawal, receiving the same invalid message. I repeated the process with the same result.

I sent an e-mail to them asking for support, with no answer. Three days ago, I resent the e-mail asking, again, for an answer, with no result up to now.

So, in conclusion, it looks like that faucet is not legit and is a scam! Be careful!

EDIT: After waiting for some weeks with no answer, I gone to the Web and realized where was the problem. See next image:

Where the address can be change

Before press the button 'Change litecoin withdrawal address' for changing the address, I should enter it in 'Your Litecoin Withdrawal Address' field. I left the field null because I thought the button started the change process. But that wasn't like that. The Web sends an e-mail asking for changing an address with null value. And for that reason, it didn't work. After providing the right address, I received my funds quite fast, in just around 6 hours!

Conclusion: The site should warn user that is changing an address with null value, in order to avoid this kind of errors. And, of course, should provide support to users when ask for it!

And stay safe! Cheers!!

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