What can be Done When a Country's Military Starts Slaughtering Civilians: Part 6 Forced Disapperences

By Cje95 | Just My 2 Cents | 6 May 2021

While I had read about the mass arrest and imprisonments as bad as it is to say I expected that with a government being overthrown by the military. However, I did not expect to begin to read headlines that Myanmar's military is "disappearing" young men. While growing up I had, and still do, a love for history and I remember in High School learning about Argentina's "Dirty War" where tens of thousands of citizens "disappeared".


The "Dirty War"

In 1976 Argentina's military overthrew its democratically government of Argentina with US backing. This kicked off a harsh period of military dictatorship that lasted 8 years through a series of political coups called Operation Condor. The dictatorship itself called what was going on a war however it was a war against its own people leading to state-sponsored terrorism and torcher. Due to the Red Scare that had swept the United States communist governments were a huge no-no in the Western Hemisphere.


Over the course of this "war", anyone linked to political dissidents was whisked away along with anyone with leftist ideology or union ideas. This was a dark period in Argentina and even now thousands are missing without any answers to what happened to them. Many of the leaders of the military dictatorship are either dead or in jail due to the severe crimes that they committed. The dictatorship did not even really document those they took and where they were sent, how/if they were killed, or where their bodies either were placed or disposed of. Families still 45 years later beg for answers that sadly may never be found. 



Now the government in Myanmar, in the name of "security," is conducting nighttime raids on the houses of major players in the protest of the coup. With over 3,500 people knowing to be arrested the unofficial numbers are even higher. The majority of the men that the Myanmar military is taking are young males leading to the comparison to the Latin American "disappeared". Further parallels arise with how those who have been detained are being held at undisclosed locations. 


This is leading civilians to be completely terrified about what could happen to them. The various groups united against the military rule called Myanmar's National United Government or NUG have announced the formation of the "defense force" to protect the citizens and those who could not or can not protect themselves. This force and the group behind it are sadly starting to mirror that of a civil war with two governments forming and both governments having armed forces. In a true show of unity, ethnic lines are being crossed and groups that have waged war with the central government before have joined not only together but those who were part of the old central government seeking to reinstate it. 


The Defense Force is having an influx in recruits however the backgrounds are not what one would expect. Doctors and students are now in the jungle training with the Defense Force learning how to fire guns and military tactics. Thousands have been reported to have joined the various groups and to me shows how quickly this is spiraling into an armed civil war. The training that these people are undergoing is offered to them for free thus really building an army and having a government to back it.


It is a devastating thing to be seeing and rumors have now been sneaking out about possible defections from the military rule. The military is harshly and really out of control attacking its own citizens creating this disappeared resemblance. Citizens initially tried to peacefully protest before they began to be gunned down and now it has spiraled down into now only having parallel governments but now parallel armies creating a recipe for disaster. 

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