The Human Brain and Computer Interface

By Cje95 | Just My 2 Cents | 12 Apr 2021

What was once thought to be science-fiction is rapidly becoming a possibility. Since the creation of the computer, there has always been a district separation between the two. That though is changing and changing fast and publically is being led by Elon Musk and his company Neuralink. 


The cutting-edge technology being developed to implant electrons onto neurons and link the brain to the cloud has not been without controversy though. Musk for example a couple of years ago made the comment that they would "cure" autism when autism is not a disease it's the way the brain is wired and functions. People have also been very hesitant about linking the two for reasons from humans becoming immortal by being on the cloud forever to the possibility and idea of your brain being "hacked" by an outside actor.


Neuralink though continues to move forward and after displaying a pig implanted with the technology last year now a monkey has been implanted with it as well. Neuralking has even continued to expand following Elon out of California into Austin, Texas. Neuralinks technology is not expected to be ready for the masses anytime soon but it is clear by the releases and the expansion that this is not a lost cause project. 


The monkey that was implanted was a nine-year-old monkey named Pager who was implanted with two N1 Link devices. Through these devices, Pager was able to play the classic game Pong all from the power of his mind! Elon has said that the first people who get this device will get it for the treatment of paralysis which is an amazing thing. For years now people have been working on technology and medicine to help these disabled people walk with progress having been made. 


So not only is there the possible linkage to the cloud and being able to access things with your mind but the medical application is probably even more important. Being able to help these people regain something that they have either lost or never been able to experience is amazing. Beyond that, there have been talks about all the other neurological disorders and diseases this type of technology could address and offer a solution for. 

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