The safest location to hold your Publish0x earnings

By Jumble | Jumble | 10 Jun 2020


Have you earned cryptocurrency on Publish0x? Is your plan is to keep them in their native token and not to exchange them:

  • for a different cryptocurrency
  • for a fiat currency
  • to get passive income?

Then keep your earnings at Publish0x and do not request a payment.

To get you cryptocurrencies from Publis0X and to do any of the above it is necessary to have an Ethereum wallet. An Ethereum wallet is a piece of software that allows you to:

  • store your cryptocurrency
  • conduct transactions
  • check your balance.

To use an Ethereum wallet it is necessary for you to always know your private key (or seed phrase). There is no method to recover a forgotten, lost, or stolen key.

Types of Ethereum wallets

There are two types of blockchain wallets:

  • hot
  • cold.

Below gives information about each type of each wallet as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Hot wallet

A hot wallet is always connected to the Internet. This type of wallet is available:

  • in a website
  • as a desktop application
  • as an application on a mobile device.

There is no cost to use a hot wallet.


  • easy to access


  • easy target for a cyber-attack

Cold wallet

A cold wallet is a hardware device that does not connect to the Internet.


  • not a target for a cyber-attack


  • cost


If you will not use the cryptocurrency that you earned on Publish0x immediately then keep it at Publish0x. On Publish0x you can do two of the three functions available from an Ethereum wallet. You can:

  • store your cryptocurrency
  • check your balance.

To keep cryptocurrencies at Publish0x:

  • they are safe from cyber-attacks
  • it is not necessary to keep a private key
  • there is no cost.

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