The Looking Glass 8K - a 32” high-resolution holographic display

By Jumble | Jumble | 7 May 2020

The The Looking Glass Factory has made a 32” high-resolution holographic display. The system uses a proprietary 45-element light field technology. The resolution for the LG-8K is 33.2 million pixels and the 30Hz color gamut is over a billion. At this time, the LG-8K is the largest holographic display and has the highest fidelity of all holographic displays.

The Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display (LG-8k) has a holographic depth measured in feet. Other holographic displays have a holographic depth measured in inches. Click here for product demonstration video. The LG-8k is controlled by proprietary holographic software suite made by the Look Glass Factory.

The is made for businesses where it has become necessary to give customers a 3D viewing experience. The use cases are in the areas of:

  • medical imaging
  • mapping

Medical Imaging

The LG-8K is becoming an important tool in the medical imaging field. To have anatomic structures in 3D is important for high-quality patient care. The LG-8k lets doctors see anatomy in 3D and to collaboratively talk about it, without it being necessary to wear cumbersome goggles or glasses. Images from the LG-8k are used in teaching trainees, educating patients, and procedure planning.


Until this time, topographical maps have been limited because:

  • they are shown in 2D
  • a 3D version is only available in stereoscopic head-mounted displays for one person.

Today aerial views saved from drones, crane-cams, etc. lets users see correct 3D views.


Entertainment customers use the LG-8k to show high-quality volumetric captures and to have an immersive experience. Intel used the KG-8k in an exhibition to show “Runnin” It is an interactive holographic music video starring Reggie Watts. Click here to learn about the video.

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