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Boot Camp Week 8, Technical Recap

By Mike Bivens | Journey to Web3 | 4 Apr 2022

Week 8 has come to a close and here's the technical recap. I made heavy decent progress through the new course, Flask + MySQL with some steps forward in my projects. I did choose to take some time for my health this week, so the progress is not as substantial as it has been in previous weeks but I expect this to pick up again this week.

If you're interested in the non-technical recap, you can find that here.

<usual_enterance> If you're new here I'm creating this blog series as I go from coding newbie to working in web3. I'm creating this to reflect on the technical and non-technical growth and to leave it behind for others who might be interested in how they can follow a similar path. </usual_enterance>

Flask + MySQL

The newest course in the program and the one I am currently working through is the Flask +MySQL content where we are beginning to bring together materials from previous courses and understand how to connect them.  I have a dedicated repo for the assignments here. The following are some of the technical components covered. 

Retrieving and Displaying Data

To do this, we'll need to store a method in the server file and pass it into the HTML file using Jinja which fetches the information from a database. 

Queries and Variable Data, SQL Injection

Here, we learned about prepared statements and how these should be used in place of string interopulation when running queries with variables. The use of prepared statements over string interopulation was further stressed during a reiew of SQL injection and the dangers it poses to security.


In the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design framework the code is organized by three sections. Model is for interfacing and managing the database, View is the HTML and some logic, while Controller receives and managing requests. 

Modularizing Files

To modularlize files begin with the folder/file structure and ensure they have appropriate names such as "templates" and "static". and move both into a "flask_app" folder. After this, create the config and controller folders as well as other requisite files for controlling. The final step is to create a models folder and move the relevant files into it. 


I've got several projects going on at the moment, but here's the three I made progress on this week.

Bootcamp Flask + MySQL Assignments

This "project" is really just the assignments from the Flask + MySQL course of the bootcamp. This project was wrapped up this week and I may return to it later for some additional optional assignments.

The repo.

Personal Portfolio Website

I wanted to finish implementing the basic content this week, and I nearly made it there. Additionally, I added a few more devicons to the page to catch it up to what I am familiar with now. I found the design choice for some of the remaining sections to be implemented, the final two I am still trying to decide how to build are the "organizations" and "contact" content. The contact form will be easy enough, just need to get to it but the organization's section is going to be a challenge. I'm unsure how to display the content with images in a way that is visually appealing and so that each organization section block looks the same.

The repo.

Doors vs  Wheels

The Doors vs Wheels project was born from the Tik Tok trend that centered on the debate of whether there are more doors or wheels in the world. This will be a simple web application that would allow the user to submit the data from their households and contribute to the global count. The TA that I am collaborating with is moving full steam ahead with their portion of the content, we've determined how to split the dev work between us. I'll be taking care of most of the back end, which is perfect because that's what I need the most experience on at the moment. 

The repo.

What's Next?

I still have content to work through with the Flask + MySQL course, so this new week will at least have to start with that material before potentially moving on to the Ajax course. I'll also be putting in the work to build the database and some of the routes for Doors vs Wheels, and finish at least two sections of the personal portfolio website. 

If you'd like to join the learning community I'm building on Discord for web3, you can find the link for that here. It's a space that I am trying to build for myself and others to share their growing knowledge of all things web3. 

You can also find me here:

LinkedIn | GitHub | Twitter |  My Website 

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Mike Bivens

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Journey to Web3
Journey to Web3

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