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Why Will Bitcoin Go Up?

Why Will Bitcoin Go Up?


Hello to my friends who love life and keep smiling despite all kinds of negativity. In this article, I will talk about "why Bitcoin will rise". Let's start…

The dollar index started to decline. The US Dollar Index (DXY), which measures the dollar's strength against major trading partner currencies, has gone down again after its recent rise. Bitcoin is inversely correlated with DXY. US officials have declared that they do not want the dollar to become too strong or to lose power as it did under the Trump administration.


I think the dollar will continue to depreciate in the long run due to the increasing debt and the economic damage caused by the pandemic.

It is that the interest of institutional investors in Bitcoin, which started in 2020, will increase further in 2021. The lack of confidence in other investment instruments will accelerate the orientation of institutional investors to the cryptocurrency markets. Features Bitcoin and then Ethereum will be positively affected.
Following US President Joe Biden's announcement of a $ 1.9 trillion covid-19 incentive package earlier this month, it will trigger the stock markets, which are already close to the record, to rise further, and the stock market bubble will burst. Investors who will avoid this will turn to the gold, silver and cryptocurrency markets.

In finishing…

As you can see, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets are open in the medium and long term. Daily and weekly negative news and hasty behavior I recommend you not to get out of solid cryptocurrencies. Keep cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, that you think is solid and enjoy the situation in the next year.
As I always said, listen to everyone, decide for yourself ...
I'm looking forward to your comments. Thanks to your comments, we can shape my next articles together. Let's stay in touch… Take care of yourself so that you and the people around you are happy…


Photo by Roger Brown from Pexels

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"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

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