The Future Of DeFi Is RADIX ...
The Future Of DeFi Is RADIX ...

The Future Of DeFi Is RADIX ...


Hello to my friends who love life and always smile despite all kinds of negativity. In this article, I would like to give you information about the Radix DLT ecosystem, which many of you will probably hear for the first time, which will bring a new breath to the DeFi markets.

The DeFi system, which entered our lives with cryptocurrencies, is still in development and still has many problems to be solved. At this point, RADIX DLT is a project created to step in.

Radix DLT aims to contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency financial system by eliminating the access problems between DeFi platforms and people.

Layer 1 DeFi Done Right




Using existing DeFi platforms can be a nightmare for most new investors. To use these platforms, he needs to have technical knowledge, which prevents the system from growing faster.

Radix DLT aims to create a DeFi mechanism that is easy for anyone with no technical knowledge to use.

When you want to earn an interest income through existing DeFi platforms, you need to make at least 4 transfers for the unit in your hand. And right now the transfer fees are quite high due to the scalability issue in the ethereum network. Naturally, no one wants to pay a $100 transfer fee for a simple loan or interest deposit. Radix DLT promises that it can completely fix this problem with the new consensus and algorithm it has created on its own network. Borrowing or lending transactions will be carried out with much lower costs. Since Radix DLT is designed in a fully scalable way, transfer costs and other costs will gradually decrease as the number of users increases, unlike what you see in other networks. In a way, each new accumulation will increase the liquidity and will trigger the next one.

Radix Foundation; Radix DLT is a UK-based foundation for the establishment of DeFi formation, the creation and development of its mathematical foundations. The foundation has been legally registered. (REG No: 10864928 Argyle Works, 29-31 Euston Rd, London, England, NW1 2SD). It will play a leading role in the development of the community and ecosystem. At the same time, it ensures that the project is placed on a legal basis. Radix will be authorized in the agreements to be made during the development phases.

What is Radix DLT?

Radix DLT is a first layer protocol built specifically to serve DeFi. This protocol is the basis of the Radix public network, a fully decentralized platform for DeFi applications and users. Decentralized finance applications are currently built on protocols that are not suited for this purpose, leading to congestion, hacks and developer frustration. Radix changes that by offering a scalable, secure by design, composable platform with a DeFi-centric development environment to make it easy to build and launch scalable DeFi products.

What is DLT?

DLT stands for decentralized ledger technology. Blockchains and DAGs are types of DLTs. Radix has a new data structure and consensus design and is therefore different from blockchains and DAGs, hence Radix is ​​often referred to as "DLT".

What is scalability and RADIX DLT?

It refers to the amount of transactions the network can process over a given period of time (usually measured in TPS - transactions per second) and how fast the network can complete transactions (seconds, minutes, hours). Radix provides transactional precision in seconds. And when fully rolled out, Radix's fragmented Cerberus consensus will provide a "linearly scalable" network, meaning the more nodes you run, the more transactions the network can handle.

What problems does RADIX DLT aim to solve;

Radix DLT aims to be the only decentralized network where developers can build quickly without the constant threat of exploits and attacks, where every improvement will be rewarded and scale will never be a bottleneck.

It is the cleaning of the code, which is the nightmare of the developers. They spend 90% of their time fighting codes. Imagine how good DeFi would be if we curb innovation. Radix fixes the codes for you.

Nearly a billion dollar DeFi project has been hacked in the last two years. This puts everyone at risk. Radix fixes this.

Paying a $200 transaction fee for an infuriating $20 transaction. It prevents the user from adopting DeFi. Radix fixes this...forever

What is RADIX DLT Technology?

Radix is ​​a stack of open source technologies that builds the Radix public network and makes it useful for users and developers. With network usage paid directly to the network itself with a local token called XRD, anyone can access the network or participate in its work.

The most basic unit of the Radix stack is the Radix Node. Node implements a 3-tier Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus protocol that allows an open network of nodes to make decisions quickly and securely and execute correct transactions on a distributed immutable ledger.

The node also includes a layer called the Radix Engine, which defines the application functionality of the network by creating and validating transactions. At Olympia, the Radix Engine includes built-in token generation and transaction functionality. In subsequent releases, the Radix Engine will become an extensible, user-programmable application layer for finance-focused "smart contract" functionality.
Developers and client software can interact with certain types of nodes via a JSON-RPC API. This API provides an accessible way to control node operation, make simple queries against the Radix ledger, and create transactions.

Outside of Node, Radix has developed a Desktop Wallet for holding and using Radix-based tokens (including "stacking" XRD tokens) and a Radix Explorer service for web-based viewing of ledger information such as accounts, transactions, tokens. types and "validator" nodes.


Smart Money Apps



Radix is ​​building an open, interconnected platform where all powerful DeFi applications will be built safely and securely.



Desktop wallet application of RADIX DLT is available. Windows, MacOS, Linux. With this wallet, you can make staking transactions. You can earn passive income by staking with RADIX DLT… With the help of desktop wallet…



So where can I get RADIX DLT...




An Icon to Power the Radix DLT Ecosystem

XRD is Radix Mainnet's native token and can be used to secure the network, access DeFi, deploy smart contracts, and pay for transactions.


At the end of my article; In the global COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing, it has been seen that the current financial systems are far from meeting the needs of investors. States that print unlimited money at a time can destroy the value of people's efforts in a few seconds. We need decentralized financial systems more than ever. I think that this new technology, which has just taken its first steps, will grow a lot one day and will provide income to its investors. RADIX DLT is a candidate to be one of the most important actors of this system…


RADIX DLT fixes this


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