Free Tokens Expensive ...?

Free Tokens Expensive ...?


Hello to my friends who do not forget to smile against all kinds of problems in this time period we live in. In this article, I will tell you how to earn token without investing in the cryptocurrency markets.

If you can't spend a lot of time on the cryptocurrency markets, if you have an internet connection, some spare time and patience, you can earn tokens without investing and convert these coins into fiat currencies…

So How…?


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With the development of blockchain technology and the avalanche of projects, you have started to hear the names of thousands of projects and tokens of these projects in the market.

People who invest in a new project without stock market listings can earn earnings in excess of 10x, 50x, 100x. So early-term investments are both profitable and you risk losing all your money...

Let's come to earning tokens without investment, which is our article topic...

If you can use the internet correctly, you can get cryptocurrencies with 10x, 50x, 100x potential. If the things you gain don't make you money, all you lose is time. So how are you going to do this… ?

There are airdrops, pre-sales, IDOs, thousands of token distribution mechanisms. Most of them are paid but your focus will be on events where you can earn free tokens by doing certain tasks…

Token distributions are largely made to communities. Each project has a different way to distribute their tokens. Airdrops are one of the most popular areas in cryptocurrencies.




You must actively use the internet to catch airdrops. You should quickly get the new projects circulating on social media on your radar. There are many systems to help you with this. The most important of these is the CoinMarketCal website. Here you can watch the Airdrop calendars and listing news of almost all projects.

Why new cryptocurrency projects share a significant portion of the total supply with the community. How does this benefit the project… ?

It reduces the time and workload spent on community building.
Thanks to the free tokens, community members advertise for free on various social media platforms. They bring new members to the community.
They upgrade their holder data by keeping the project tokens in their wallets. This is important data.

Of course, you have to pay for the $0 tokens that the project gives you. For this, you are asked to complete various tasks. Social media posts, invite friends, test the project, participate in AMA events, vote for listings...

You complete the given tasks and get free coins. The community grows, the first exchange listing comes, then the second and third exchange tokens are listed. It's time to sell the coins you've earned at zero cost (just capitalizing on your time). No matter what project, turn your earnings into cash. Enjoy the profit… then invest some of it…

Between us, my strategy is; Convert 50% to fiat currency (For real life), get 20% Bitcoin, 30% invest in other cryptocurrencies…

A few important warnings for airdrops;

You should learn to use decentralized wallets like Metamask, Trust Wallet. Tokens prefer this type of wallet for distribution.
You will participate in dozens of projects and take part in airdrops. 5-10 of them will actually send you coins. Only a few of the token senders will live up to their stock market listings and you will earn money. So you have to be patient to earn at zero cost.

Do not participate in airdrop campaigns that require KYC. Except for participation through the Exchange… Like the rewards given in exchange for membership…

Stay away from projects that demand money from you for airdrop, such as upfront investment, if your goal is to invest with zero cost, you will not get money out of your pocket, at least you will not be scammed.
A significant part of the projects you will participate in for the airdrop will turn out to be fraudulent. You will waste your time knowing that, you should spend time on this work.

Apart from Coinmarketcal, you can also visit CoinMarketCap website and telegram groups. You can find them all by doing a quick search on the internet. Remember all you need is time and internet connection, nothing more...


To our question in the article title; free coins expensive? You can answer this... What do you think time means?


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Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

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