BTC ... ETH ... BNB ...

BTC ... ETH ... BNB ...


Hello to my friends who love life and keep smiling despite all kinds of negativity. In this article, I will talk about the performances of ETH and BNB, BTC that I follow. Cryptocurrencies made good gains against fiat currencies during this frenetic season of the bull season. But how are they up against the king of cryptocurrencies and reference Bitcoin…? Are you wondering…?

Let's start…

My reference range in my analysis; 16/04/2021 - 16/04/2021




It has made x9.3 times the gain in a year.


Let's look at the status of ETH over this time.



ETH - BTC Chart



ETH - $ Chart


As we can see from the charts, ETH preserves its value against BTC as of the moment. With his attack, he will show a better performance against BTC. Making the specified updates, making the Eth blockchain network more secure after each update will affect this performance. Especially the reduction in transaction fees after the update in July will have a very positive effect.


Let's look at the status of BNB over this time.



BNB - BTC Chart



BNB - $ Chart


BNB showed a performance of about x4 in terms of BTC, while it performed x 34 in terms of US dollars. This shows you that BNB is the way to BTC. BNB burning, the development of the Binance Smart Chain will make this possible.


My friends, Ethereum is doing well on a BTC basis. It did not upset its investor. After that, it is necessary to look at its performance as BTC-ETH.

BNB is in bad shape on a BTC basis. We might be wrong when we look at it as $. The only value we will refer to in the cryptocurrency world is BTC. I wonder what action BNB will make in the next 1-2 months. In my opinion, ETH will catch up with performance.

My friends, extend your term instead of daily purchases and sales. Cryptocurrencies you invest in the right way earn you Remember, no matter what cryptocurrency you invest in, increase your BTC balance on the profit making part.

I shared my thoughts in the article. It is not investment advice.

As I always said, listen to everyone, decide for yourself ...

I'm looking forward to your comments. Thanks to your comments, we can shape my next articles together. Let's stay in touch… Take care of yourself so that you and the people around you are happy…


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“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean
Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

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