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Binance... Lauchpad... SFP Token...

Binance... Lauchpad... SFP Token...


Hello to my friends who love life and keep smiling despite all kinds of negativity. In this article, I will tell you about my strategy at Binance Lauchpad. By doing this, you may be able to gain a high rate. Let's start making money…

The Lauchpad and listing of the SafePal (SFP) project was made at 16:00 on 08.02.2021. This time the Launchpad system has been changed. I think that was very nice. Because SFP tokens were given to all participants in proportion to their BNBs. The number of cryptocurrencies acquired may be less than before, but all participants were satisfied. Let's briefly explain the new system ...

A period of 6 days has been given between the date the Lanuchpad starts and ends. Within these 6 days, your existing BNBs are calculated with a snapshot. Calculation method;

Total Daily Average BNB Balance = Daily Average Spot Account Balance + Daily Average Margin Account Balance + Daily Average Sub-Account Balance + Daily Average Binance Saving Account Balance + Daily Average Binance Nominal Money Account Balance + Daily Average Futures Wallet Balance + Daily Binance Card Wallet Balance + Daily Launchpool Account Balance. Source Binance

Your BNBs calculated as above for 6 days are averaged. At the end of the given time, the final BNB average is calculated. You can join the Lauchpad with this maximum average. The Lauchpad is then closed. You are given 4 hours. To confirm the terms of participation. Afterwards, the number of SafePal tokens to be given to the participants in one hour period is calculated.

After the engagement period ends, the amount of tokens each user will receive will be roughly calculated as follows= (BNB allocated by the participant / Total BNB allocated by all participants) * The total amount of SFP tokens to be sold. Due to the participation limit per user, deviations from this approximate calculation may occur. Users will most likely receive a slightly different amount of tokens than the approximate value calculated using the formula above. Source Binance


After the calculation, the SFP tokens given to you and your BNB balance remaining from the BNBs you have allocated for the lottery are transferred to your spot wallet within 30 minutes.

And you are waiting for listing at 16:00.

Listed with SFP / BUSD, SFP / USDT, SFP / BTC price pairs.

My strategy;
I calculated the cost of SFP tokens given to me. I divided the SFP tokens given to me by 5 so that my cost would be 3x profitable. When SFP did 14x 30 minutes after being listed, I sold my first tokens at 3x my cost. As BNB, I put it in my wallet. After that, I started to sell my remaining 4 blocks of SFP tokens with 20% profit after each sale.

By the way, you don't have to sell SFP tokens. It is a nice project supported by Binance. It will come to better places.

My purpose of selling is to prepare for the current Lauchpool and future Lauchpads with the BNB I have acquired.

It is not investment advice. I just shared my own strategy with you. Always strategize while doing a business. It can be true or false. Do your analysis after the events are over. Write down where you did right and where you did wrong. So you can perfect your strategy over time.

As I always said, listen to everyone, decide for yourself ...

I'm looking forward to your comments. Thanks to your comments, we can shape my next articles together. Let's stay in touch… Take care of yourself so that you and the people around you are happy…

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